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Kathy Trew

Kathy Trew has created TrewBeliever Pendulum charts to  help facilitate your journey in self-discovery. The guidance offered is  drawn from her background as a  Karuna Level Two Reiki, Usui Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Reflexologist, Animal Communicator, and as an Intuitive Spiritual Healer. She is  also the founder  and teacher of the Gaia Reiki system . (Read about that in detail here – Gaia Reiki)


My Personal Story

Over 30 years ago I was injured in a bicycle accident which lead to numerous health issues , chronic pain and depression. I went though all the conventional therapies, with no avail. I became disillusioned with the medical system as I saw one doctor after another, gaining no answers just more questions. I wanted answers! I began looking beyond mainstream medicine.


1992 I landed on Denman Island, a lovely Island off the coast of British Columbia. I was welcomed and embraced by the “Healing Women of Denman”. Here I began to experience my personal  healing on all levels through Reiki, yoga, dance, gardening, meditation, ritual etc. I  was offered hope  that my life would be more then  a emotional – physical pain roller coaster.


All of these experiences  did indeed help me to recognize and grow in knowing more about “”me.”  The creation of the charts sped up the process of my recovery  beyond what I had ever hoped would be. The charts are my own personal journey in healing and manifesting.  Trewbelievers Pendulum Charts  helped me realize how much I (and others) were being affected by my own emotions, beliefs and patterns.


Both my charts and readings draw from my background in the healing arts plus my experience in working through my own issues . I  soon realized  that I was being  ‘taught by Spirit’  through the creation of my charts. Of equal importance is that  I had set the intention for this to happen in my life MYSELF. One of the first step in this journey is self-awareness and growth. These insights  contribute  to understanding yourself and  to set your Intention for more or what you DO WANT IN LIFE.  You  NOW know what motivates  you, what you need to let go of , let in and what you need to do to get there.  The Pendulum charts connect you to guidance regarding  all of the above plus coach you through the process! pendulum charts.


Please join me in a magical journey of physical, emotional and spiritual healing to manifest what you desire in your life.


Blessed Be,
Kathy Trew

kathy meditate


You’ve gained me true insights to my nature and my ability to move forward. Thanks, Kathy

amazing session, where my whole body felt alive and tingling, and I am truly grateful for the experience. …it helped me more than I could ever have imagined.” Truly grateful, Yvonne

  (by Category)

     Key to Relationships(#4)
     Sexual Ecstasy and Balance(#31)
     Creating Intimacy(#38)
     What Kind of Lover Are You?(#39)
Spiritual Balance
      Spiritual Balance(#14)
     Physical Balance(#41)
     Younger You(#21)
     Environmental Allergies(#8)
     Food Allergies(#9)
     Where Allergies Show Up(#10)
     Causes of Fatigue(#11)
     Fatigue Strategies(#12)
     Alternative Therapies (#13)
     Animal Talk and Health(#33)
     Manifest Joy(#7)
     Emotional Balance(#15)
     Coaching Through Fear(#28)
     Dealing With Anger(#5)
     Handling Stress(#6)
     Healing Shame/ Blame(#32)
     Reclaiming Your Soul #1 (#25 goes with #26)
     Reclaiming Your Soul #2 (#26 goes with #25)
     Letting Go(#40)
Develop Physic Abilities
     Working With the Divine(#1)
     How The Divine Communicates(#2)
     Fast Tracking Your Psychic Abilities(#35)
     Raise Your Vibrations With Colour(#37)
     Spiritual Connection(#3)
     Connect To Your Ancestors and Guides(#29)
     Reincarnation and Past Lives(#34)
     Healing Inspiration(#16)
Fulfilling Your Destiny
     Attracting Abundance(#30)
     Career Advice(#19)
     Life Lessons(#22)
     What's Your Fate(#23)
     Your Life Paths(#24)
Alternative Approach(Pagan)
     Working With The Divine (#1)
     How the Divine Communicate(#2)
     Connecting to the Goddess (goes with #18)
     The Goddess Speaks(goes with #17)
     Healing With Colour(#36)
     Crystal Guides(#27)

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