Learn to ground, protect and connect to Goddess energy.


Before you begin, always say Invocation First:

“I ask and Gaia to ground protect, heal and guide me”

GETTING READY (use your own technique or)

1. Relax body/mind (deep breaths).

2. Ground (visualize cords into the earth).

3. Protect (visualize surrounding yourself with white light).

4. Create Sacred space (quite).


1. Hold pendulum over center of circle.

2. Focus on simple topic/conversation and the pendulum will respond by swinging over to your answer.


When you have more than one possibility hold pendulum over individual words and it will circle the correct answer.

3. You will be told when you are ready to go to next chart (#18 The Goddess Speaks).


1. Thank Gaia and release connection.

2. Return to normal space e.g., Release cords, close sacred space.

3. Practice good self care. Follow this link and read my article regarding Self Care:

# 17 ~ Connecting To The Goddess

General Instructions 

Trewbelievers Pendulum Charts have been encoded with symbols by Kathy that will connect you to your Higher Self, Divine Guides and Ancestors. These symbols as well as their meaning are listed on the right hand side of the chart. Understand that Free Will always applies and that any coaching you receive is still your own choice to do!

If pendulum swings are not clear then hold pendulum over each word and the pendulum will circle the guidance chosen for you. You will also know that it feels right.

Note: The information gotten from this chart is not meant to replace a Physician or Professional’s care but rather to facilitate you considering other aspects that may assist you. 

These charts are copyrighted and will not work effectively if a fair exchange has not taken place.

Study Guide: 

Gaia is the energy which is used when working with this chart. This introduction chart is meant to work with #18 The Goddess Speaks –

Would you like to learn to begin to communicate to Gaia? This chart will facilitate this happening for you plus review the proper way to invoke her.


Follow instruction on side of chart beginning with the invocation to Gaia. Know that you be feeling her energy coming to you in the form of heat, a tingling or a feeling of great love and joy. She has been waiting so long for her children to return!

Begin by grounding into the earth either by your own method or using a root that goes down into the core of Gaia (earth). Next connect to the sky (and all that is above) using your own method or a golden cord. Create sacred space and protection in your own way or place yourself in an energy bubble. Take several deep breathes and bring the two energies together in your body. It may be here that you actually feel Gaia’s love for you as heat, tingling or a profound feeling of love! Take the time to enjoy and savor these feelings.

Now you are ready to ask a simple question such as, “Hello Gaia, I am honored to connect to your energy.” The pendulum will circle as Gaia connects to your energy and then swing over to” hello” as well and perhaps “fantastic” since she is very happy to connect with you as well! Continue a conversation with Gaia and the pendulum will move around the chart talking with you. This is really happening so take the time to process the fact that you have been able to connect in this manner.

When you are finished remember to thank Gaia and say, “Go if you must, stay if you will”, release all energy cords and protections that you have invoked. Remember to return from this space by moving, eating, drinking and clearing. Congratulations on beginning your journey in connection with Gaia.

Know that there is so much more and that Gaia needs our help to heal!

Stay with this chart until you are told, “Congratulations go to next chart” (#18 The Goddess Speaks)

Your connection is like a telephone line and it does take time to develop this. Moving along before you are told is tempting but it is recommended for you to stick with the process that has been channeled for the best results. When you are ready go to “The Goddess Speaks” chart and be prepared to be inspired, amazed and humbled over what you are being offered.

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