After purchasing a TrewBelievers Pendulum Chart from PayPal***

(***Please click on “Return to TrewBelievers” link at end of sale)

And you will be taken to a PDF Download Page just like this…


Thank you for choosing to download the chart

C … Number & Name of Chart

PDF Download link at bottom of page – scroll down
Please read Download/Save Instructions First!



Download Options (IMPORTANT -Please Read!):

It is important to SAVE PDF FILE to your computer so that you can print it as often as you wish.

OPTION 1: (Best Option)

Right Click on  "Download PDF" and Click on "Save Link as..." and save the PDF file to your computer (to desktop}.


a) Click on  "Download PDF" button below and PDF will open in Browser window.
b) PLEASE BE SAFE!!! BACK UP PDF FILE TO COMPUTER NOW!!!  Click on "File" (upper left corner) and select "Save Page As" and save the PDF file to your computer (to desktop).

BTW: Yes, you can print from the browser window - but once you close that window you will lose access to  the PDF file and will have to purchase it again.

To Print:

1) Go to where you saved the PDF file, click on it to open it.**
2) You can then print chart from  **Adobe PDF.
3) While you can print charts out on  you home printer - charts look best on Laser Printed 8 1/2  X 14  (Legal Size) paper. Transfer PDF file to memory stick and take to local print shop and they will usually print it for a reasonable fee.
**PLEASE NOTE -you must have Adobe PDF  reader installed on your computer. Find link on HomePage or download from Adobe website (Google it)

Thank you for joining me in a magical journey of physical, emotional and spiritual healing to manifest what you desire in your life.

Blessed Be,

Kathy Trew

(Picture of Chart you are about to download)
Chart-1-Working-With-The-Divine  DOWNLOAD PDF 200X(Click Here to Download PDF)


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