Explanation of The Charts

Each chart is made up (usually but not all) of two circles.  These circles contain relevant information and guidance regarding this topic.  Examples are; what is blocking you, where the block’s show up, what you need to do to move them.

Use the pendulum to find out which circle you start with (the pendulum will move over the appropriate circle). Hold pendulum over center of that circle.  Ask out loud questions that pertain to the topic of the circle.  Examples; what is blocking me, how many blocks and what do I need to move these?  Note you can gather information from more than one chart on any topic.

Around the outside of the larger circle are numbers and letters.  The letters can be used to spell out guidance that is not included on the chart.  The numbers can be used to find out how many blocks you have and to gauge things on a scale of 1-10.  Examples; how strong the block is and how you are doing releasing that block.

The pendulum circling around the smaller circle in the middle “Sending Love, Compassion And Understanding” indicates your Spirit Guides are sending love and healing to you.

When the pendulum is circling counter clockwise this indicates your Spirit Guides are helping you release blocks ie: Sadness, Guilt, Fear.  After the pendulum has stopped you can re-check the strength of your block to see how much it has gone done. Aim for zero!  So the chart may need to be revisited a few times.  Only work on one block at a time.

Listed on the side of the chart and in the center circles are symbols.  Each pendulum chart has been energized by Kathy Trew using channeled energy symbols.  These symbols are energy keys to your Spirit Guides.

  (by Category)

     Key to Relationships(#4)
     Sexual Ecstasy and Balance(#31)
     Creating Intimacy(#38)
     What Kind of Lover Are You?(#39)
Spiritual Balance
      Spiritual Balance(#14)
     Physical Balance(#41)
     Younger You(#21)
     Environmental Allergies(#8)
     Food Allergies(#9)
     Where Allergies Show Up(#10)
     Causes of Fatigue(#11)
     Fatigue Strategies(#12)
     Alternative Therapies (#13)
     Animal Talk and Health(#33)
     Manifest Joy(#7)
     Emotional Balance(#15)
     Coaching Through Fear(#28)
     Dealing With Anger(#5)
     Handling Stress(#6)
     Healing Shame/ Blame(#32)
     Reclaiming Your Soul #1 (#25 goes with #26)
     Reclaiming Your Soul #2 (#26 goes with #25)
     Letting Go(#40)
Develop Physic Abilities
     Working With the Divine(#1)
     How The Divine Communicates(#2)
     Fast Tracking Your Psychic Abilities(#35)
     Raise Your Vibrations With Colour(#37)
     Spiritual Connection(#3)
     Connect To Your Ancestors and Guides(#29)
     Reincarnation and Past Lives(#34)
     Healing Inspiration(#16)
Fulfilling Your Destiny
     Attracting Abundance(#30)
     Career Advice(#19)
     Life Lessons(#22)
     What's Your Fate(#23)
     Your Life Paths(#24)
Alternative Approach(Pagan)
     Working With The Divine (#1)
     How the Divine Communicate(#2)
     Connecting to the Goddess (goes with #18)
     The Goddess Speaks(goes with #17)
     Healing With Colour(#36)
     Crystal Guides(#27)

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