Hi Kathy,

I met you last night at the Nanaimo Metaphysical Society Potluck. You came to our table 1st and did a whole lot of coolio type stuff. I don’t even know whereto begin or how to describe the sense of wellness that I am feeling, my head feels clear, my thinking is clearer, I am exhausted and energized, I have a feeling that I will be doing more with you. I have much hope that together we can clear all the clutter and keep the lessons, I feel that I must be gentle with myself and simply allow the work that you initiated to continue, Michael, Ishmael, and Joshua, are the names that present themselves and although it is unfamiliar to me to ask them for their help, it also seems so natural now. Kathy, thank you so much for the “reading” I look forward to sharing more enhancements/enlightening with you.
Love and Light,



Hi Kathy,
Thank you so much for all your help. This definitely helps…:) This morning before work I followed your steps and I did get quite a bit more clear information around career options and what would be best for me. I will definitely follow this line of questioning from here on out.
I am also going to check on my pendulum charts if there are any other charts I need to be working with soon, or if I need to just keep working with the ones I have at the moment.
Thanks again, Kathy you are awesome!! 🙂
Have a great day!


“I was feeling at a loss physically, and emotionally, and thought it would be a good thing to support a local healer, and enjoy a new experience. I thought I might hear a few words of wisdom that would help me get a few things straight in my life.

I had been suffering various degrees of vertigo,as well as tingling of nerve endings, numbness, and ‘dead feeling’ extremeties.I was secretly afraid of having MS, or worse.When I got to Kathy’s, my ear symptoms disappeared, and I feel totally different.The vertigo, sensitive ear, imbalances had bothered me for about 6 years, and now the symptoms are totally gone.It was an amazing session, where my whole body felt alive and tingling, and I am truly grateful for the experience.

People are reticent to believe that a session like that can truly  change the health of a person, but I know it helped me more than I could ever have imagined.”

Truly grateful, Yvonne


Awesome reading, awesome connection and clear directions.

Thanks, Maureen


You’ve gained me true insights to my nature and my ability to move forward.

Thanks, Kathy


I never believed nor disbelieved in spiritualism. I just kept an open mind. After the loss of my dearly beloved, I was in such despair – not knowing if I was making the right decisions and trying to deal with the loss. The first time Kathy did a reading for me, she cleared up so many things for me and she was able to give me cryptic messages that only I could interpret. Keep in mind, she did not know my dearly beloved. When it was time for her to leave, she came back and said she had one more thing to do for me. She had me sit down, close my eyes, and then simply rested her hands on my shoulders. The tears flowed like a waterfall and the peace I felt and the relief were instantaneous. The second reading was when I was faced with a serious choice as to whether to move or stay. Again, Kathy was able to sort emotions and feelings from fact and gave me another cryptic message which was bang on the mark. Kathy asked me to come to her the next day for a Reikke massage. This time I was nervous, but my previous experiences had been so helpful, that I went. During the course of the massage therapy, I expelled so many negative emotions that I slept like a baby that night and for the first time in forever, woke up feeling rested. I don’t pretend to understand any of this – I only know that it works and would sincerely recommend that whoever reads this get in touch with Kathy for help, solace and direction.

Phylis McPolin


Wow, Kathy. Two weeks since your workshop and I’m still saying ‘Wow!’
It is so wonderful to be aware of the energy within ourselves as well as being able to access the Universal Energy. I really appreciated how you drew out the gifts of so many participants, as well as being so encouraging to each. You are indeed a Master shown by your flexibility in adapting to each person’s space. Your teaching was simple but powerful. We did need more time as perhaps an all day workshop may have allowed but more difficult for working people, especially the nurses.  (Some did tell me they felt the loss when they had to go to work so missing some feedback.) But at the same time two sessions with different emphasis as first for the caregiver, and then for caregiving was very effective also, allowing time for practice and increasing awareness.
Grounding and protection were well explained. The power was well demonstrated when you suggested you were removing obstacles from a person’s feet and advised no one be behind the feet whereas six people jumped up immediately to be out of the way.  I would indeed recommend this course though I have to be gentle to whom I could recommend it.
Personally I need to thank you for your attention to my particular space that you mostly intuited, and gave extra help even you weren’t feeling well yourself. Also your incredible encouragement and belief in my gifts that still has me inspired and amazed as well as more open to these gifts. Thank you so much again.
God is with you! Namaste!
Love and prayers,
Sister Sylvia Hicks, MD, SFCC


Hi Kathy,

I have some feedback for you, first from the Reiki evaluation form that you handed out at the end of our workshop:

1.       a) Personal life (5)      b) Professional (4)

Personally and professionally, learning to ground, protect and intend with love will help me to focus my actions as driven/directed by my higher self rather than by my ego alone.

2.       Recommend Kathy to RN students?  (4)

I think gaining an experiential understanding/ awareness of what Reiki offers in terms of human connection and a healing modality is of high value.

3.       The teaching techniques that I found effective:

Grounding a room with intention and breath.

Self-protection through visualization (zipping up the space suit)

Channeling Earth and Cosmic energies into the Heart center and out through the hands

Using breath for rhythm and focused intention

The guided meditations with the beating Drum

Participants sharing their experiences (affirming that there are many interpretations and no “one right way” of doing the work)

Personally, I felt honored to be a part of the workshop, to receive the healing gifts offered to me and to explore the art of healing.  Kathy, thank you for generously sharing your wisdom and skills with me.

The second piece of feedback comes from your request for testimonials:

1.        Kathy’s teaching style is free-flowing, yet she maintains an overall structure of the goals for the learning outcomes.

2.       I felt safe and accepted because Kathy is authentic and presents herself as unassuming.

3.       I felt there was good understanding that built upon Kathy’s free-flowing explanations and demonstrations that were immediately followed up with experiential learning through direct participant practice.

4.       I left the workshop feeling that I understood enough to carry on because I have the foundational pieces of permission, grounding, protection and channeling unconditional Love from the Cosmos and Earth.

7.    An all day workshop would be wonderful (especially to have the opportunity to rest, eat, journal and process), I would joyfully leap at the opportunity to learn and practice more Reiki with Kathy.

9.    In my Spiritual development, I am noticing a detached awareness of my perspective especially around my judgments; an increased awareness and distinction between ego-self and Spirit-self; processing my wounds; and, choosing life-affirming actions.

14.   The experiential learning worked for me.  What didn’t work well for me was trying to process the learning while jumping back into everyday tasks and routine, I would have liked more time.  The other piece that didn’t work well for me was the intensity of attempting to shut down and not feel, I felt worn out by it, I must have been overdoing it.

With open-hearted appreciation,



Thank you for getting back to me Kathy. I am doing well and have remembered everything that was worked through in Hawthorne park during pagan pride, I am really working on myself these days…its good and emotional as well cause I am putting away many of the old stories lol, anyway I look forward to seeing you again some day in the meantime I will send you notes. Thank you for helping me I feel better knowing more 🙂 take care and happy travels.

Jay Oram






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